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The primary goal of the project is to support military reform on the part of structures of a civil society.

On pages of the portal the Fund aspires to give the information:
- on basic documents in the field of a military policy and military construction in the Russian Federation - to laws in force, concepts, doctrines and plans;
- on questions of  the federal budget on national defense, formation its execution and control;
- on interesting materials  in the field of the military policy, published in various mass media;
- on materials of conferences and the seminars which have been carried out by the Fund or in which the Fund took part;
- about articles prepared by the participants of the Fund, and published in mass media;
- with operative comments on the current events;
- about the organizations working in the field of social protection of transfered to the reserve military men and members of their families;
- about other public organizations which activity concerns to sphere of a military policy;
- about public and other organizations of graduates of military educational institutions, including foreign which were finished by the Russian officers.

The site of Fund contains a page of dialogue on which everyone can place information with comments, remarks or wishes.

Our address:
      FSMR, 2/3 Khlebny per., Moscow 123995, Russia.