Society and military policy  Seminars

Civil society and social development

May 2000, 27-28



Richard PETRIS


  1. Patrick LECOMTE. Understanding of civil society

  2. Boris I. KRASNOV. Today's understanding of civil society, interaction with the state


  1. Jean MARICHEZ. Civil society and its key role in settling conflict

  2. Arnaud BLIN. Democratization in the East and its impact on our understanding of democracy in the West

  3. Yuri REZNIK. Development stages of contemporary Russian philosophical idea of civil society

  4. Ann LIUERU. Preconditions of the genesis of civil society, classical theories, modern views and their practice test

  5. Laurie REGELBRUGGE. Civil society partnerships and networks

  6. Vladislav REDIUKHIN. A long way to civil society

  7. Kumi NAIDU. On the CIVICUS project

  8. Steven STAPLES. Civil society and human developmentlopment

  9. Belcasem ELIOMARI. Democracy and civil control as a means to promote global interests

  10. Vladimir KULTYGIN. On the theory and history of civil society

  11. Oleg BELKOV. Military-civil relations

  12. Kumi NAIDU. Problems and lessons of civil society against the background of the world experience

  13. Jean-Pierre MADJIRANGA MADJIBAI . The role of civil society in the development of the african continent

  14. Miguel da SILVA. Education for democratic citizenship: building up a responsible citizenship

  15. Sergey KLIMOV. Civil control over the armed forces (on the basis of france's track records)

  16. Xavier RICHET. Civil society in developing countries (exemplified by China)

  17. Valeri PECLOW. The OSCA as a crisis-management tool. Illustrated by the OSCA activities in Central Asia

  18. G. DEMIN. Peculiar character of building civil society in Russia

  19. Louis BASLE Different Russias and modern times

  20. Aleksandr BEVZ. The build of civil society in Russia

  21. Tatyana LEBEDEVA A city as a source of civil society development

  22. Sergei STRELYAEV. Harmonious development as the main goal to be achieved in the xxi century

  23. Lev UBOZHKO, Head of the Russian Conservative Party. DEMOCRACY AND THE RULE OF LAW

  24. Sergey PANKOVSKY, the Republic of Belarus. CIVIL SOCIETY AND POWER


Pavel Zolotoryov