Materials of an International Seminar
Civil society and social development


Richard PETRIS, director of the Grenoble School of Peace

My dear friends, the theme of the seminar is very rich and this has become evident judging by the discussions started yesterday. We have talked a lot about the concept of civil society, about democracy and globalisation and other current developments. The main feature of the event is the fact that we have come to an understanding that civil society is not a state, but a process. I am convinced that the evolution of this term can lead us to some solution of the current problems.
I think we should continue our cooperation and create a cooperation network. We should encourage each other to continue doing the job we have just begun. I have gained a lot here, exchanging views with various people. To tell the truth I had some doubts whether I am fit to understand what is happening in this huge country facing a wide range of challenges. Let me thank the organisers of the seminar and all of you. I hope we will continue our work. Thank you.

Pavel Zolotoryov , president of the Russian Foundation for Support of the Military Reform

As I feel not all participants in the seminar are satisfied with its outcome, but one thing I know for sure - we have added a lot to our experience. I believe we should continue our cooperation. I hope many people here share the idea. The only thing required is to think of the appropriate way to do it. I would also like to emphasise the fact that here we have not only eloquent speaker but also good listeners. It is only natural that our discussion would not have been possible but for our interpreters. They have done a great job. Sometimes, it was difficult for me to understand even Russian terms and the interpreters have rendered us a great deal of assistance here. It is worth emphasising that they are military interpreters.
In conclusion, let me thank all the participants for taking part in the seminar despite the great shiny weather outside. Let me thank the School of Peace for the great idea and its efforts made to organise the seminar. Thank you.