Society and military policy  Conference

Problems of maintenance of strategic stability. 
Measures of trust in the field of nuclear arms

June. 2003,  2-4

Garmisch, Germany


Mikhail TSYPKIN, Naval Postgraduate School


  1. Russia’s Nuclear Policy. Viktor YESIN, Col. Gen. SRF, ret

  2. New Dimensions of Strategic Stability.  Ralph TINDAL, RAdm USN,ret 

  3. Development of the International Situation and Strategic Stability. Pavel ZOLOTAREV, Maj. Gen. SRF, ret

  4. Capabilities-based Planning:  Application to Strategic Force Planning Ralph TINDAL, RAdm USN,ret 

  5. Modeling Strategic Stability. Vladimir BARANOV, Col. SRF, ret

  6. Analyzing Complex Threats for Operations and Readiness (ACTOR): 
    A Methodology for Forecasting Country Instability
    . Dr. Sean O’BRIEN, Center for Army Analysis

                   *The reference to the text of the report corresponds to its name